First Pie of the TV Shoot

A Triple Berry Pie makes its debut on”The World Needs More Pie” TV show. This beauty was created by four 9-year-old girls during a pie baking party in Venice, California.

Today, we are driving the RV in a torrential downpour up Pacific Coast Highway — mudslides permitting — to visit Malibu Kitchen, the place I baked pies for a year back in 2000.

1 thought on “First Pie of the TV Shoot

  1. Beth, this is great. I'm glad this is taking off. This is a wonderful thing for you. I'll send good thoughts that it all comes to fruition for you.

    Love the first pie. That's quite an accomplishment for those young ladies. Were you there while they prepped and then baked it? I bet it was a lot of fun.

    Hope you make it safely to your destination. You are becoming a real RV Road Warrior. A few short weeks ago you would have never dreamed of driving the RV through a storm, and now you're doing it. You have confronted and overcome. Congratulations!

    I'm really enjoying the updates. Thanks.


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