Our New Pie Website is Live!

Creating our new website– www.theworldneedsmorepie.com –was almost as much fun as filming the TV pie-lot. We needed a home to promote all the pie-related projects we’ve been cooking up — pie parties, pie memoir, pie TV series, homemade pies for sale, and pie things we haven’t even thought of yet. For the pie blog you can still find us here on Blogger for now, but keep checking the new pie site for updates as we’ll be announcing news (like the fact I’ll be a judge at the National Pie Championships in Orlando, FL in April!), previewing the promo tape (known in the biz as a “Sizzle Reel”), and more.

A friend in Paris, Jeb Buffinton, praised the new site on his Facebook page stating,
“‘Give piece a chance!’ Beth’s new website is simply constructed, delightfully light, a bit flakey yet with substance, and the contents are warm and delectable.”
Well put!
The web design — fresh, fun, clean and cheerful — is thanks to fellow pie lover, talented graphic artist, and creator of the Pietopia pie/writing contest, Tricia Martin.

2 thoughts on “Our New Pie Website is Live!

  1. Congratulations on the new website. I've been running around the Big Bend region this last week and have just now gotten caught up on all my blog reading. I will definitely bookmark your site.

    Tomorrow, Friday the 26th, if all goes well I will stop at the Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, TX for lunch and….PIE!!! I've been wanting to go there to try their pie, as everyone I know who's eaten there raves about the pie.

    I'll let you know how it is. I'm going to have Apple, but will also order Peanut Butter and Coconut Creme to go for enjoyment when I get home.

    Once again, congratulations on the new website, love the look and ease of navigating it.

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