When Life Gives You Mud, Make Mud Pie!

It’s official. June 2010 now lays claim to the wettest June in Portland, Oregon’s history. And the month is only half over. I’m sick of the rain. Sick of the mud. And, in fact, I’m sick — with bronchitis. It’s no wonder! This time last year I was living in Terlingua, Texas where (sun-drenched) daytime temps averaged 100 degrees. And I was perfectly healthy there. (All that vitamin D.)

Well, what to do when life gives you all this mud? Make mud pie, of course!Yes, I made it myself. Complete with a lattice top. Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

Clearly, this congestion in my sinuses is making me slightly delirious. Either that or I really am going a little insane from all this bad weather. (Of course, “bad” depends on your definition. Some people actually like the rain.)

The question is

though, if you

came across a

pie in the

woods, would

you eat it?

Be careful, there may be pie fairies lurking in the forest.

2 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Mud, Make Mud Pie!

  1. This is awesome, ha ha! Love my little coconut cream puff looking at the pie. Sorry to hear you are sick, feel better soon and we'll get together then!


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