Peach Pie in Park City

A weekend spent at the house of friends inevitably means there will be pie. This time it’s Park City, Utah, with my very good friends John and Laura, and their two kids. Johnnie turns six next month and Athena is nine months old today. Johnnie wanted to make pie, so we did. I would write more about the sweet experience — Johnnie was an excellent pie student! — but after the pie was out of the oven the babysitter arrived and the grownups went out on the town. It’s hard to write about pie, let alone eat it, after drinking as much wine as we did last night. So I’ll let the pictures tell the story while I go in search of coffee.

2 thoughts on “Peach Pie in Park City

  1. I just found your blog and I LOVE what you are doing! Pies do make people happy! And I hope that you find all the happiness in this world through this endeavor. Good luck!

    I'm baking more pies for my husband this year (52 to be exact), and making pie has made me happy.

    If you ever travel out to New York and need a couch to stay on, you're welcome here.

    Best to you!


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