How Far Would You Drive For Pie?

Another journey begins. I will make a 1,700-mile drive from Los Angeles to Des Moines, Iowa — all because of pie. To eat pie. Lots and lots of pie. Homemade pie. Competitive pies at the Iowa State Fair. When you think about the reality of this it makes you wonder, doesn’t it, just how much do you love pie? And how far would YOU drive for to eat it?

For the record, let me just say I’m driving my Mini Cooper to Iowa instead of the RV for this long trip. While I’m going to miss my feather bed and my espresso machine in my house-on-wheels, I am not going to miss paying for gas at eight miles per gallon.

4 thoughts on “How Far Would You Drive For Pie?

  1. Beth, I saw your 5-minute pie demo on WHO this morning, logged onto your blog, and couldn't stop reading…I read from the first to the last entry, all today! I live in Ankeny, just north of Des Moines, and you seem like one of my sisters; they both live far away, and I miss them. I keep my mom's lemon meringue pie recipe card in a frame on the wall of my kitchen; I love seeing her handwriting now that she's in heaven, and making her pies comforts me. My sister came home from San Diego for a visit recently, and I made 3 rhubarb custard pies for our family while we were together, initiating the youngest ones to greatgrandma's family-famous pies. They all devoured every bite, and my nephew wanted the recipe. Love does live on, as you know very well. Enjoy being "home" in Iowa; it will help you heal. Don't forget to eat a BLT with homegrown tomatoes and sweet corn along with your pie (and maidrite) while you're here! Take care.

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