Do You Miss Me? I Miss You

Do you miss me? I miss you. Writing this book is hard work and taking up all my time. I miss writing the shorter, instant-gratification, essay-length blog posts.

I miss writing about my adventures in rural Iowa, about how when the snow melted and I was so excited about the spring thaw, my Mini got stuck in the mud and my neighbor Don had to tow me out.

I miss describing things like how I had a Girls’ Night Out with the mayor and city clerk of Eldon and how throughout the (alcohol-free — SIGH) evening they talked about getting their new gun licenses, concealed weapons permits, and storm-watcher certifications.

I miss recording life’s little surprises, like how I received a thank-you card from someone at Sheffield’s Bar in Chicago where on National Pie Day we dropped of Baker’s Square pies for the funeral of its owner, and how the card had a hand-written message on the back saying, “The world certainly does need more pie.” 

But right now I am exercising utmost discipline and maintaining focus. (Not easy for a restless soul and social butterfly like me!) I am keeping my phone calls and emails to a minimum and I am typing, typing, typing away at my kitchen table, creating something even bigger and hopefully better for you to read. One page at a time.
I’ll be back. I promise. But right now I am pursuing my childhood dream of being a published author. Sometimes dreams require sacrifices. Missing out on a few blog posts is not a huge sacrifice. And anyway, it’s like I’m writing a whole book of blog posts at once. Still, thanks for missing me. I miss you too.

2 thoughts on “Do You Miss Me? I Miss You

  1. Yes, of course we miss you! : )
    However, I AM looking forward to your book.

    And in the meantime I am trying to decide which pie I should bake this week for some friends who are coming over. Coconut cream maybe? Or possibly lemon meringue?

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    miss you

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