Pitchfork Pie Stand — Opening May 20

Hello pie fans. You may have read the article in the May/June issue of Midwest Living touting my Pitchfork Pie Stand. Well, good news. The pie stand is finally opening for the season on Friday, May 20. So far summer hours will include Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays coinciding with the American Gothic House Center hours, but seeing on how traffic goes we may expand to daily. It’s not easy to feed the pie-hungry masses when you only have a tiny kitchen and one oven  inside the American Gothic House. But we will do our best. Looking forward to seeing you this summer.

5 thoughts on “Pitchfork Pie Stand — Opening May 20

  1. I wish I could come on by for some pie! How far is Dallas from Eldon, anyway???? Probably kind of far…

  2. Hi Beth,
    I happened onto your blog and was inspired by your story and your adventurous spirit. I just turned 40 and decided I'm finally going to learn how to bake pie! Perhaps someday I will visit the American Gothic House and take a class, but for now I've decided to work my way through the award-winning recipes in the Iowa State Fair Cookbook and see how it goes. I've never been a cake fan and am encouraging the tradition of birthday PIE! Best wishes!

  3. Hi Beth; It is a great day toopen your Gothic Pie stand. It is Rodmond's Birthday 49, oh boy I can't believe it.Good Luck and all the best

  4. I enjoyed coming to the 'Gothic' house today and eating some pie. It was nice to stop and have someone to visit with for a few minutes. Thanks for opening up the house for people and pie!

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