RV Book Tour: Week Three, California

I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Malibu right now with just a little time left before for tonight’s 7pm book event at Diesel Book Store. I dropped off Ari Cheren, my last travel companion/co-driver/videographer, at his apartment in LA and am now traveling on my own in The Beast. Well, me and Team Terrier. But Ari left me with one last video segment to share with you — the journey from Portland to San Francisco to Los Angeles.

With Ari jetting off to New York for his next field producer assignment, guess I’m going to have to get back to writing my own blog posts again.

10 thoughts on “RV Book Tour: Week Three, California

  1. Real Simple led me to you also. Not sure pie can fix things in my world right now but hell, it's worth a go. Only the husband to bake for. When the nest was full I baked like a woman possessed. Why do I love the little hand pies? Empanadas. At least out here in the West.
    My first memory of pie? The magic of McDonalds hot apple pie. "Caution:Filling is Hot!" Yup. In the 60s, the pie was fried and coated in sugar crystals that cracked when you bit into them. 10 cents worth of momentary bliss and blistered lips. Now the pies are baked, covered in some cinnamon dust and have shrunk to fit in my palm. Or did my hand just get bigger? Both, I suppose. Keep baking girlie…and fry up some empanadas sometime! You'll need lard, Manteca here in the west, to make them taste right. And lots of sugar.

  2. Congratulations on your success. I really enjoyed your book. I lost my husband when I was 40 and your story really touched me. I love that you found your calling and are enjoying this new journey. I wish you much happiness. I am looking forward to trying the pie recipes now…..I love to bake cookies and cake and am one of the ones intimidated by "pie crust", so after reading your book and your philosphy on pie, I know I can do it..

  3. Just finished your book last night and today made my first pie crust for apple rhubarb pie using your method. My pie is beautiful – so spectacular I don't want to eat it, I want to just admire it. Looking at that gorgeous pie makes me want to start baking every day for friends, neighbors, family. Digging into the pie dough with my own hands (and not using a food prcoessor) made the pie-baking task FUN! Beth, you keep spreading the word that the world needs more pie and I will spread the word about your book!

  4. Hi Beth. I just found your blog through the aol.com "you've got…" spot that appeared today online. I found your words to be very inspirational. You are a strong, brave, smart woman to be admired. Your last line about that Life is short, you have to face your fears and go and live it is so true. I am inspired by your story, and look forward to reading your book. I hope you do a book signing at Bookends in Ridgewood NJ, I'll be there with my copy of your book to sign! Hmmm, I think I'll make a pie this weekend…NJ pie lover Laura D.

  5. Beth, you are an inspiration! I admire your strength, attitude, and perseverance. When life gives you lemons, make lemon pie…hmmm, I think I'll go make a pie. YOU GO GIRL! Laura D., NJ

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