CBS THIS MORNING did a story on me!

I have so much more to say about this experience, about having a TV crew in my house for three days while trying to make 100 pies, about the TV correspondent Michelle Miller pitching in and peeling 43 pounds of apples, about producer Chris Weicher sitting in my living room with her camera rolling and in walks a friend of hers from high school to buy a pie, about the local volunteers who helped make all those pies, about the wonderful connections and conversations and experiences. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and amazement at what life gives you — when you need it most. Thank you to everyone who made this TV segment  — and pie stand and life in the American Gothic House — possible. I am so very very grateful.

14 thoughts on “CBS THIS MORNING did a story on me!

  1. What a great story! And it sounds like the crew was fun to work with, too. Glad this turned out so well for you. Rest up for your next big adventure!

  2. I think they were impressed with you – as well they should be!! Great piece that is bound to boost book & pie sales!!,

  3. Loved your clip on CBS. Just wish they would have gotten the information correct about the 'spinster' daughter! Met you in Portland at the Pacific Pie Company. So glad you made it home safe and sound. Someday I hope to make it to Eldon.

  4. Great piece. I just read your book last month and thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoy the busy summer…sell lots of pies.

  5. Just came upon your story about a month ago. I am dying to read your book. As a fellow Iowan and food blogger, I am just loving your story! If I lived closer to Elgin, I would come help you bake! It would be so, so much fun. Just love this. Good luck in all you do, and if you ever need any help down in SE Iowa – be sure to check me out!

  6. Beth, that was a great clip on CBS. All your pies just looked soooo delicious. I admire you and what seems like a 'pioneer spirit' in the way you meet the challenges of life. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Oh, what a wonderful segment! That is pretty cool! I am so glad that you have found peace. I will think of you in the future when I have pie, and your wonderful story! I look forward to getting your updates on your blog. I was sent over from Cindy at Retro Revival. She is a sweetheart. Your book sounds fascinating!

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