The World Needs More Pie

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The World Needs More…Meat?!

Empanadas are pie too.Note the caipirinha cocktail to the upper left.And note the “Yes Please” card lower right. That meansyou want more meat. What do you do when you’ve been dating a vegetarian who has conditioned you to live without meat in your diet and a dear friend you haven’t seen in over a year … Read more

The Liberation Artist

I was very flattered to be interviewed this week by a sweet and humble blog called The Liberation Artist. I love what its creator, Laura Saba, is doing, what she believes in, and what she is promoting: a life lived outside the status quo, free from fear and hesitation. I don’t know that I completely … Read more

Wuz Up Wit Dat Hip Hop Pie Class?

The “Black Ops” as they called themselves, striking their first pose of many. A few weeks ago I posted some pictures on my Facebook biz page from a pie class I taught at my house (my house being the American Gothic House, in Eldon, Iowa). I have posted many, many pictures on that page over … Read more

India Hicks Envy: Part 2

I had the nicest, funniest surprise yesterday when a pie class participant, Linda, showed up bearing a gift for me. Behold, her barely used bottle of India Hicks Island Living perfume. I laughed — and she laughed — because without saying a word, I knew she had read my recent blog post about my India … Read more

Just Another Part of Country Living

I live in the country, right next to a cornfield, in a very old house, so it is inevitable that at some point I would encounter the typical country house nuisance: mice. When I moved in 2 and ½ years ago the house had been vacant for several years. Vacant except for mice, at least … Read more

India Hicks Envy

Rural Iowa in January. The sky may be blue, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get the blues. Between the post-Newtown letdown after our manic pie-making/pie-sharing cross-country journey, the bitter cold Iowa weather, the isolation of winter and my inability to get my ass moving on my next book, all this is conspiring to … Read more

Cool Stuff from Chef’s Planet

I’m having lunch with my friend Carolyn tomorrow. Carolyn volunteered many, many hours last summer for my Pitchfork Pie Stand. She would come over on Thursday evenings and we would weigh and roll out pie dough, slice lemons (not her favorite job, especially picking out all those seeds, but she did it anyway), cut strips … Read more