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Pie vs. Cake: Bake BOTH to Support Mental Health

Valerie Van Galder is the creator of the Depressed Cake Shop. Cake may not be pie, but I’m a fan of anything that’s baked for a greater good. The DCS website, which is beautifully designed, reads, “Research has shown that baking is a pursuit that fits a type of therapy known as behavioral activation. Psychologists

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Thanksgiving Pie: You Can Do It!

I’ve been seeing a lot of pie sellers’ posts on social media announcing they’re not taking any more pie orders for Thanksgiving, that they’re sold out. Didn’t order your pie in time? DON’T PANIC! You can make your own and I promise it will turn out fine. Making dough is easier than you think. Here’s

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The Power of One Pie

Allison Engel is a playwright, a journalist, a political activist, a communications director, and so much more. She’s a force! (Read her bio and you’ll see what I mean.) We have a lot of writer friends in common because she lived part-time in Iowa, but she was also living part-time in LA, so when I

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Diary of a Book Launch: Vulnerability and Trust

My official book launch date for World Piece is tomorrow, September 21, International Day of Peace. That said, the book has already been available for about a week, thus the release has been a slow roll-out versus a singular moment—a tide coming in instead of a wave crashing on the sand. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make

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My World Piece Memoir is Coming!

Seven years after baking my way around the world, my memoir about the journey is going to be published. The Kindle version is now available for pre-order; the paperback can be purchased on SEPTEMBER 21—International Day of Peace (also World Gratitude Day). People are already saying glowing things about the book “A book about pie? Yes, but

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An Unsung Hero of my Own

This post originally aired as a commentary on Tri States Public Radio. To listen, go here. NPR has started airing a new series called My Unsung Hero. Produced by Hidden Brain Media, its mission is to provide an antidote to the despair brought on by the daily news, with the goal of renewing faith in

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