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Day 9: TV Pilot — Pie Delivered by Bicycle

Day Nine’s shoot started early in San Francisco — in a torrential downpour. Not good for filming pies being delivered by bicycle! We waited out the rain in a coffee house and I used the time to update my blog. (Has anyone noticed I am 2 days behind?!)
The rain let up and we found ourselves trailing the adorable Natalie Galatzer of Bike Basket Pies as she delivered her “cupcake size” pies to offices in San Francisco’s financial district.

At the end of her route she even delivered a baby pie to us in the RV! Her little Orange Shaker pie was so buttery and melt-in-your-mouth delicious I ate it so fast I not only couldn’t even get a picture of it, I couldn’t save more that one tiny taste for Janice. (If you look close enough you’ll see my thighs have gotten progressively bigger each day of the shoot. But remember: Don’t blame pie!)

Natalie bids us farewell so she can get back to her kitchen and bake pies for the next day’s deliveries, while we head to Crissy Field — to the beach — to walk the dogs, eat a picnic lunch, and get some footage of San Francisco’s famous views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

No, these are not my dogs! I only have two little ones, and that’s already double trouble.

Did I mention that Janice slipped on a metal grate during the morning rain? She was walking to meet Natalie, carrying her heavy camera bag, and her feet slid right out from under her. The bruise on her hand was so black and the pain so persistant a trip to the ER was called for. A broken wrist perhaps? And all because of pie!

The xrays showed no sign of a fracture — whew! The day ended on a happy note with a hearty meal of my favorite San Francisco food: pasta and a glass of red wine. And lots of Advil for Janice.

Next: Tomorrow is the day I’ve been looking forward to since this Big Pie Adventure began. We will go to Mission Pie, meet the owners, and hear about how — and why — they started a pie shop that would teach at-risk youth not only how to bake but how learn to love their work.