Ms. American Pie is back in print

It took a while, but my pie cookbook is finally back in print and now available. The second edition is in paperback. It’s a little smaller and a little lighter, but it’s still jam-packed with the same recipes, tips, and stories as the first edition. PLUS, it includes two new recipes! ORDER NOW in time for the Pi Day 3/14 from Amazon or IndieBound.

My World Piece Journey

In 2015, I traveled around the world making pie to promote goodwill and cultural understanding. Pie, an American symbol of comfort and kindness, provided me with an entree into people’s kitchens, cafes and homes. From New Zealand to Australia, Thailand, India, Lebanon, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, and Hungary, I immersed myself in each place, exchanging recipes and stories. We are all connected no matter what color or language we speak, and we can use those connections to bring peace to the world. Here’s a short film I made about my journey. My film is like homemade pie — it’s not perfect but it’s made with love. And here’s some exciting news: My “World Piece” memoir is in the works! Check back for updates.

Free Pie Instruction Videos

What better thing to do during the pandemic than bake pie? I used the time to make an instructional pie-making series called Stay Calm & Bake Pie.” Out of the seven episodes, my favorite is the last one, a celebration of all the pies people made after watching my videos.

Episode 1: Apple Pie, Episode 2: Mixed Berry Crumble, Episode 3: Banana Cream, Episode 4: Key Lime, Episode 5: Chicken Pot Pie, Episode 6: Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb, Episode 7: Victory Shots of YOUR Pies

Have you read “Making Piece” yet?

The second edition of my memoir, Making Piece: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Pie, is in paperback with a new epilogue, a lower price of $14.00, and the “messy pie” cover Howard always envisioned. Order it now from Amazon, Indiebound, your local bookstore, or ask for it at your local library.

“One of the best non-cookbook food books of 2012” — Serious Eats

“One of the best books of 2012” — San Francisco Book Review

“One unique, crazy-quilt, truly American tale of reinvention.” — Publishers Weekly

Give a Piece a Chance

While we Americans like to think we invented pie, it did not originate with the pilgrims, though we agree, it was an inspired notion to bake the pie as a peace offering and create a holiday centered around it! We love Thanksgiving. Pie, however, has been around since medieval times with its history first documented in Egypt, and the first pie recipe recorded in Greece. Pie originated as a sort of Tupperware of its time, the dough an inedible wrapper to preserve and transport meat. Mayflower passengers, practical travelers who recognized the hardiness (and heartiness) of the dish, brought pie to America, where recipes evolved and multiplied as quickly as the population of the new nation. Today’s pie crust is flaky, buttery, and melts in your mouth, with myriad fillings — fruit, nuts, veggies, eggs, just about anything that can fit in a pie plate. Pie is accessible, affordable, all-encompassing. Pie is meant for sharing. Pie connects people. Pie knows no cultural or political boundaries. Pie makes people happy. And happy people make the world a better place. That’s why the world needs more pie.

TEDx: The Healing Power of Pie

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