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Adventures in Pie!

Someone once said, “Beth has a knack for finding—perhaps even adding—complexity where others seek simplicity.” I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you very much, as it is this quality that has driven me to do the things I am most proud of, such as…

Moving into the American Gothic House on a whim and opening the Pitchfork Pie Stand, which became such an unexpected success I had to move out of the house!

Packing up my pie supplies in my RV and driving to Newtown, Connecticut after the Sandy Hook shooting, organizing 60 volunteers to make 250 homemade pies, and delivering them to the grieving community. (Here’s a segment CNN’s Anderson Cooper did about it.)

Going to visit a friend in South Africa for “vacation” and ending up teaching pie classes to 100 kids in a township outside of Cape Town.

Embarking on my World Piece mission, traveling around the world for three months, hauling a rolling pin, and baking pies in nine countries to promote cultural tolerance. My trip included delivering pies to a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon.

Giving a TEDx talk on the healing powers of pie.

Traveling around California in my RV with my friend Janice, shooting a TV pilot/documentary tasting pies and interviewing people who are making the world a better place through pie. It never made it on the air, but you can watch the sizzle reel.

What’s next? 

I’m currently making a documentary film about pie in Iowa. Go to the “Pieowa” page to learn more.