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Humble Beginnings of a Pie Business

 Follow the sign in the yard. This way to the PITCHFORK PIE STAND.

The weekend weather report says there will be rain, so we moved the pie stand (which, thus far, consists of one big table) into the living room of the American Gothic House. Regardless of the day of the week, the sign on the door will tell you if there’s pie available all you have to do is knock! Bonus: you get a glimpse inside the famous house.

Here’s my Aunt Sue, above (Sue Finn of Mason City, IA). She and my Uncle Mike stayed overnight last night. If you come here to visit, be prepared to work. Peeling apples, making crumble topping, rolling dough and assembling bakery boxes are just a few of your job choices. Or throwing the stick for my dog. Honestly, that would be the biggest help of all.

Adding to the artwork collection on my refrigerator door is my “License for Home Baking.” I passed inspection with flying colors. If you look closely, you will see the “American Gothic Cookbook” on top of my fridge. I found it for $3 at an antique store. No, I haven’t tried any recipes from it yet. I’m too in love with the “The Amish Cook at Home” cookbook right now.

These are the humble beginnings of the PITCHFORK PIE STAND. I’m pretty sure the American Gothic House has never smelled so good. My customers have commented that they can smell the pie outside as well!

A customer returned an empty pie plate via Priority Mail. The pie sketch on the box reminds me of the Tom Hanks movie “Castaway,” when he saved the FedEx box with the angel wings sketch for all those years. Pie. Angel wings. Same meaning if you ask me.

I complained to my Aunt Sue when we assembled this last night that the “Media Wall” was too vain, but she insisted, “THIS is business.” I guess you could look at the slew of publicity as “added value.” And, I have to admit, I am kind of excited about being in this November’s issue of Better Homes & Gardens. (If you get the magazine, I’m on page 22.)

We are off to a running start. Sales were booming today, there will be more pie baking tonight, and so it goes. Healing the world, one pie, one slice, one day at a time.