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Obama Loves Pie!

Here’s how amazing it is to be globally connected with cell phones, Internet and other multi-media miracles. I was sitting in my friend Eve’s house in a tiny village in Switzerland, staring out at the cows grazing in the foothills of the Alps (view pictured right), when Eve’s sister Uschi called from The Maldives. She was vacationing in this tropical paradise somewhere off the coast of India, calling from a sandy white beach.
“Did you hear the news today?” Uschi asked.
“What news?” I replied.
“Obama loves pie!” she exclaimed. “He stopped for a piece of pie somewhere on his campaign trail.”
“That’s great!”I said. “Thanks for telling me.” Excitedly, the minute I hung up, I looked up the article on CNN to verify the story. It was true. Obama had dipped into a diner and ordered Coconut Cream Pie while the Governor of Ohio had a piee of Lemon Meringue.
Still, I don’t know what was more fascinating: the way this news had criss-crossed three continents to reach me or that Obama was promoting pie. All I know is that the White House kitchen staff better stock up on butter, sugar, shortening, flour, eggs, and coconut. And if Obama needs a personal pie chef, I’m happy to volunteer.

Here’s the video of Obama — in case you missed it: