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Pietopia in Portland

Speaking of pie contests, I just received a letter and news clipping from a friend in Portland (where we lived before moving to Mexico). The article, from The Oregonian newspaper, was about a pie contest. Contestants wrote 300-word essays about what kind of pie would best describe the way they were feeling right now–with their recipes included. Winners brought their pies to a farmer’s market for passersby to get free pie. Free!

The woman who had the BRILLIANT idea to create this is Tricia Martin who says, “I wanted a creative way to bring people together through taste” and “The great thing about pie is its cross-generational appeal.” Yes! I couldn’t agree more.
This made me so homesick for Portland–for missing the contest, and for all those berries I didn’t get to pick this year–that I might have to make one of the contest-winner recipes listed on her Pietopia blog–the “Homesick for Miami” pie. OK, Miami is as far as you can get from Portland, but maybe it would still work.
I love seeing this–this creativity, generosity, and homespun comfort in action that pulls a community together. It gives me hope that the world isn’t completely going to hell.