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Protest Pies

Protest Pies: A Call to Action

– Words Matter: Truth, honesty

Welcome to my page, my call to action, a movement called Protest Pies. It is my response to our current administration, my form of butter and flour activism to send a message to the world that we are better than this. Pie has never been about recipes to me. Pie has always been a metaphor for peace, love, sharing, and building community. Add to that: inclusion, equality, tolerance, fairness, honesty, integrity, generosity, dignity, decency, grace, courage, kindness. The list of ingredients for preserving our humanity—and our planet—is long.

I hope you will join me in baking the world a better place. Because we need pie and all that it stands for now more—and more urgently—than ever. Below is some inspiration, with a little bit of creative humor, to get you started. #piemakersforpeace #protestpies

If you have been following me for any length of time you would know that:

I traveled around the world baking pies, including in a South African Township and in a Syrian refugee camp — therefore I am pro immigration and oppose the building of walls and discrimination of any kind.

I taught pie-making classes to at-risk youth in high schools to kids who have been abused by their parents and foster parents, where school was their only place of hope and support — therefore I am a supporter of public education, affordable healthcare, and family planning.

I traveled to Newtown, Connecticut after the Sandy Hook shooting of innocent first graders and their teachers and handed out 250 pies to the grieving community — therefore I am a proponent of regulations to reduce gun violence and to improve mental health services.

I’ve published books and blog posts, using my writing to convey heartfelt stories about humanity, about healing, about unity — therefore I am all for free speech, but not when it’s used for hate, for oppression, for spreading falsehoods, or for endangering the public.

– Impeach Pie. Say no to tyranny.

If you don’t subscribe to beliefs — and policies — that support ALL living beings, I ask you to ask yourself what you are afraid of, to open your mind and your heart, and to think of others as part of a whole, interdependent human race. Travel more, fear less. Give more, take less. You will learn that we all—every single one of us regardless of race or religion—want the same things: food, shelter, clean air, clean water, kindness, love, purpose—and affordable healthcare. When you are generous, you will find you always have enough of everything. Start by sharing a pie with someone in need and go from there. And if you feel inspired to add a message to that pie, every little bit of inspiration helps. Even if it’s a cheeky political one.

Impeach Pie

– Even when peaches aren’t in season,
you can still make an Impeach Pie

– Impeach Pie. It’s a movement.

I can never tell a Lie Cherry Pie

– Words Matter: Truth, honesty, integrity

– President George Washington’s I
Can Never Tell a Lie Cherry Pie

Tiny Hands Pie

– Tiny Hand Pies, for very tiny hands. So small. Really, really tiny.

– So small, but so easy to make. Just a dab of Nutella or strawberry jam, fold over, & pinch edges closed with a fork.

– Even baby hands can hold these Tiny Hand Pies

We Shall Overcomb Butterscotch Pie

– “We Shall Overcomb” Butterscotch Pie

– My first inclination was to go with a very
big combover on top of this Butterscotch Pie.

Apple Crumbling Education Pie

– Education is the foundation for everything in life. We need to make it a priority. Forget free college; let’s make sure all our kids can read and get them through high school. (Apple Crumbling Education Pie)

– Apple Crumbling Education Pie