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RV Book Tour: Week Five, Stats So Far

It is Week Five out of six on my “Pie Across the Nation” RV Book Tour to promote my new memoir, “Making Piece.” I’ve traveled from Eldon, Iowa (where I live in the American Gothic House), driving the 24-foot RV my husband left behind. Affectionately called “The Beast,” I packed up my two terriers, my pie baking supplies, and my “Free Pie” sign and left home on April 3. In the past month I have covered the entire West Coast with a side trip (by plane) to Florida. Here are the stats so far:

Number of days on the road: 32
Number of cities visited: 13
Number of tanks of gas: 12 (That’s a rough guess. I’m too afraid to add up the receipts yet!)

Number of times I’ve emptied out the RV waste tanks: 3
Number of rolls of duck tape used to keep RV parts from falling off: 2
Amount of money spent on RV repairs: $800 (for new brakes)

Number of pies I’ve made in the RV: 5
Number of pies I burned in the RV: 1

Number of pies I baked in the RV that came out lopsided from being parked at an angle: 1 (That’s a Shaker Lemon)

Number of times I’ve been on the front page of a newspaper: 3 (the biggest one being the LA TIMES! Pictured below: Seattle Times)

Number of times I’ve done pie demos on live television: 7

Number of times I’ve had my face air brushed with makeup to appear on HD TV: 1
(To see video of TV appearances & other press, see my news page)

Number of times people honked because they love pie: 187
Number of times people honked because they love pie when I was trying to take a nap: 6
Number of times people honked NOT because they love pie: in LA, countless!

Number of books sold: no idea (publisher says stats won’t be available for 6 months)
Number of pens used up from signing books: 4

Number of slices of pie I’ve eaten: 15 (not enough!)
banana cream 3  (from The Apple Pan in West Los Angeles)

blackberry 1  (from High 5 Pie in Seattle)
tripleberry 2 (one in Santa Monica, one in Florida)
  –strawberry rhubarb 1 (homemade in Olympia, WA)
marionberry 1  (from Bipartisan Cafe in Portland)

key lime 2  (ordered from room service in Orlando, Florida)
pecan 2  (from The Apple Pan in West Los Angeles)
apple 3  (a few slices of my own homemade pie)

Number of bottles of cough syrup consumed: 4 (a chronicle of my bronchitis will be my next post)

Number of trips to the ER: 2 (bronchitis related — ugh! — more on that in the next post as well)

Number of times I’ve said, “I just want to go home”:  I’m not going to tell you!