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The Liberation Artist

I was very flattered to be interviewed this week by a sweet and humble blog called The Liberation Artist. I love what its creator, Laura Saba, is doing, what she believes in, and what she is promoting: a life lived outside the status quo, free from fear and hesitation.

I don’t know that I completely qualify for said description. I often feel fear and hesitation. I have my moments when I’m plagued with self-doubt, stymied by loss of direction, filled with resentment for my still-broken heart (i.e.: still wishing my husband Marcus hadn’t died.)  But then I’m pretty good about kicking all that self-limiting chatter to the curb and saying, “To hell with it, I’m going to keep living my life to the fullest regardless of all the obstacles and set backs. As long as I am still on this earth, I am going to live the biggest, richest life possible.” Which is how I ended up living in rural Iowa–in a tourist attraction, no less–for the past three years. And writing books. And baking pie. How I ended up being a poster child for grief recovery. And how I learned to stop listening to all the naysayers and instead following my own gut.

Please visit Laura Saba’s wonderful website. Don’t just read my interview, but peruse all the other rich and wonderful profile stories in there. I promise, you will find inspiration and hopefully it will encourage you to create your own status quo.

PS: It’s nice to be blogging again!

Here’s the direct link to my interview on The Liberation Artist: