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What Kind of Pie Are You?

If Gandhi were alive, or if he had been born in America, or if he had been truly enlightened in the ways of how to achieve world peace, he might have focused more on pie and less on change. I mean, what is change other than a handful of copper coins. This is what he might have said instead:

Be the pie you wish to see in the world.
This is my dog Daisy. She is a Coconut Cream Pie. She looks a little messy, slighty ragged even, like shredded, toasted coconut, which fits as she is actually from Mexico, a country where coconuts grow. She lived on the streets of Saltillo for god knows how long and thus her outer shell is as tough as a coconut’s, but inside she is as soft, delicious, and gentle as vanilla pudding. In spite of her coarse appearance she is all peace and love. Just like pie. Just like Gandhi. In her sleep you can hear her chanting, “Ommmmm.”

What kind of pie are you?