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You’re Invited — Art Exibit INSIDE the American Gothic House

On Saturday, March 19 — one week from today — from 1 to 5 PM, I will take a day off from working on my book, clear my laptop off my kitchen table, and open the doors of my house for people to come inside. The occasion is an art exhibit, to showcase the paintings of Molly M. Moser.

A few of Molly’s paintings have been hanging in my house since the fall. (I blogged about the art in my house a few months ago.)  But Molly has been very busy this winter. When she wasn’t working as the administrator of the American Gothic House Center, she had a paintbrush in her hand, which means she has many new art pieces to add to the collection. So, to welcome the new season we are exhibiting her new work.

Photo by John Gaps III

Besides viewing Molly’s display of talent, this is also a rare chance to see the inside of the American Gothic House. If you come inside, and go upstairs to see the famous Gothic window from the “other” side, you will also notice another kind of art covering the slanted ceiling: poetry — with poems by local poet Priscilla Coffman.

Will there be pie? Sorry. I won’t have time to make any. (I have that book deadline, remember?) But there will be plenty of champagne to make a toast — to new art, a new season, and new beginnings.

I hope you can join us.