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Back on the Bike

I haven’t baked pie in a week. I haven’t blogged in a week. But one week after the bunny incident, I can at least say I have gone for a bike ride. How could I not? The day was warm — almost hot — at 75 degrees. These summer temperatures were undoubtedly some kind of record breaker for Iowa, a state which is normally covered in frost this time of year.
Yes, I stayed true to my word and thus, in an attempt to avoid any unsettling emotional experiences (ahem!), steered my bicycle in the opposite direction. Instead of going to Douds I pedaled toward Floris. I didn’t rescue any animals this time, baby rabbits or otherwise, but I did count six dead deer either directly on the side of the road or in the ditch next to it. And those are just the ones I could see. Sigh.
Still, the open road beckoned…
And I did see some animals (cows) that were actually alive…. for now.

And the sunset over the Iowa cornfields was as beautiful as any over the California ocean…

The main thing is that I got back on the bike. And now that I’ve finally updated my blog, it is time to get back to baking pie.