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Guten Freitag Pie!

Imagine waking up on the morning of Good Friday to a very dark and rainy day (made even darker by remembering it’s the 8th anniversary of your first kiss with Marcus — what a kiss that was!) Then imagine turning on your computer and seeing this picture, the one of the happy, bright-faced little boy holding a baby-sized pie. Does that make you smile, or what?!The woman pictured is my friend Dayna, who got a free pie lesson from me last night. After making her Big Pie she borrowed a toy pan from her son’s play kitchen for her leftover dough. Clearly little Luka didn’t mind because when he saw his pan filled with apples he chanted to his mom, “More pie! More pie!” Coincidentally, the last name of this half German, half Canadian boy is Freitag, which means Friday in German. So, it is a Good Friday — or Guten Freitag — after all.