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Lights! Camera! Action!

The shoot for the pie TV pilot begins tomorrow. In all the preparation I contacted many different pie shops for permission to film and to arrange interviews with their pie bakers. All that talk of pie made me hungry. So when the end of my conversation with the owner of Apple Pan, one of Los Angeles’ oldest and most popular pie diners, coincided with my dad’s call to ask if I wanted to meet for lunch, I knew just where to go.

“Dad, how does a piece of banana cream pie sound?”

“Mmmm! That sounds great, Boo,” he replied. I could have predicted the answer as banana cream is his favorite pie. We met at Apple Pan, grabbed a stool around the horseshoe-shaped counter, and each ordered a piece of the banana cream pie. (According to the owner, Sunny, banana cream is their second most popular after the apple.) It was not only luscious looking, it was delish with a sweet and flaky thin crust generously filled with bananas and topped with fluffy whipped cream. We inhaled it in record time. Yum!

No matter what the outcome with our TV show, I am definitely going to enjoy the next 12 days of pie tasting