The World Needs More Pie

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Need Your Pie Stories!

A funny thing happened a few weeks ago… a TV producer friend saw that I had driven Marcus’ RV down from Portland to LA. (Marcus, as many of you know, is my late husband who died unexpectedly at the age of 43). This producer also knew I baked pie. Seems that the romance of RV travel and the comfort of a good piece of pie struck a chord as the next thing I knew we had created a concept for a TV series about pie – traveling around America (in the RV, of course) in search of pie – pie shops, pie bakers, pie fillings and recipes, and other pie stories.
We are shooting the pilot in and around Los Angeles and San Francisco from January 18 to 29. We want to hear about your favorite pie shops, pastry chefs, pie-baking grannies, and pie-loving people we need to meet. Specifically, we want to find more off-the-beaten path places, to get a taste of old-fashioned America. Does that still exist?! Please contribute your ideas.

We will also be handing out free slices of pie on National Pie Day, which is Saturday, January 23, at a heavily (foot) trafficked spot in Los Angeles. We could use some suggestions for locations, places where a piece of pie might bring some happiness to an otherwise harried and hurried world.

PHOTO: Besides pie, you never know what you’ll encounter on the road.

This should be fun. If nothing else, it has given me something creative and positive to focus on besides the loss of Marcus. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s behind this new venture.

You can either post your suggestions as comments here on the blog, or email me directly: beth (at) bethmhoward (dot) com. Thank you!