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Back in California: Salton Sea

It wasn’t easy, but I finally extracted myself from Arizona. I made it just east of Palm Springs last night before road weariness set in. The advantage of having an RV, so I have come to learn, is that you can stay places you wouldn’t if you just had a car.

Goodbye, Motel 6. Hello, Salton Sea.

I have always been curious about Salton Sea — you can’t miss the huge blue spot on the map — but never ventured far enough off the freeway to stop . More acurately, I was always in a big fat hurry to get from point A to point B.

But no more rushing past scenic places! I may feel best when I’m in motion, but I also recognize that life is short. And a 20 mile detour to visit California’s largest lake was one of my more inspired decisions during this road trip. (Remember, it was a similar detour to Oregon’s Crater Lake that led me to meet Marcus. Read more about that here.)

The dogs — “Team Terrier” — loved Salton Sea too. They made me laugh as they rolled in the salty sand. (No matter that it’s probably toxic. Sigh.)

The timing of our overnight was also good. The campground was not crowded but the sky was. Salton Sea is a bird migration stop and on our morning walk saw herons, egrets, pelicans, gulls and a hundred other winged creatures I couldn’t name.
Next stop before LA: Palm Springs in search of pie.