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A Mexican Artist’s House

Ines de Leon is my first friend in Mexico. We met in May (2008) when my husband and I were house hunting and got fed up when the relocation agent showed us one too many generic, overly insulated, American-style houses. “Show me a place where a Mexican artist would live,” I begged. “A place with Frida Kahlo colors.” The agent replied, “I know a Mexican artist.” The next day we were introduced to Ines, her art, and her fabulous house. This is what I was looking for — simple, rustic, and rich with colors and life. I would have liked to give Ines the boot and say, “Just leave all your dishes and coffee table books, your antiques and your paintings.” Instead we became friends. And my husband and I found another Mexican-style house to fill with our own colors, our own life experiences.
While we chatted about Ines’ big, brave, bold paintings she asked what I did. “I write. And I bake pies,” I told her.
“Will you teach me to make pie?” she asked, her eyes bright with interest, her smile as warm as the Mexican sun.
“Will you teach me how to paint?” I replied, smiling back at her.
And, thus, a friendship was born.
Stay tuned for my next post… “Ines Bakes a Pie.”