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Special Delivery: In Mexico the Fruit Comes to You

No need to wait for apple season to make a fruit pie. It’s PEACH season! Or durazno in Spanish. This little neighbor and her four brothers and cousins show up at our door twice a week towing their wooden wagon filled with produce from their grandpa’s farm. Last week it was zucchini. They are an enterprising bunch, future entrepreneurs, and silly me, the first time they knocked I thought they were bringing a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift. “Five pesos for two, ten pesos for three,” they chimed. My jaw must have dropped, but I composed myself and coughed up the cash. How could I resist the smiles — and the baby teeth?

PS: These peaches are waaaaay too small to slice for pie (see photo). And they’re a little green. We tried ripening them in the sun. Big mistake. The worms hatched, the fruit flies arrived, and the peaches ended up in the compost. Still, they were worth the 50 cents (US) we paid. Can’t wait to see what los ninos bring next time.