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Pie Tally So Far

Janice, the producer/cameraperson on the shoot, was complaining this morning that she is gaining weight on this trip. First, I told her, “You really haven’t had that much pie. You only had one bite of coconut cream and you didn’t eat any apple yesteday.” And then I said with a teasing grin, “Don’t blame pie.”

However, this did make me wonder, just how much pie have we consumed in the past 5 days?

Here’s the tally so far:

Monday: Triple Berry (2 pieces — small ones)
Tuesday: Coconut Cream (1 piece)
Wednesday: Sweet Potato and Pecan (1-1/2 pieces of each — oh, the calories!)
Thursday: Apple a la mode with cinnamon sauce (1 piece)
Friday: Apple (1 piece for breakfast)