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Dance Recital

Less than 48 hours after my long haul from LA to Portland, I drove the RV north to Seattle — with my parents and two dogs as passengers, in the rain — for my 9-year-old niece’s dance recital. Tired and cranky and clenching the RV steering wheel as semis whizzed past, kicking up curtains of … Read more

Twin Peaks Pie

I went to Seattle again to visit my brother, the one who is recovering from chemo. I am so very very very VERY VERY VERY happy to report he is looking healthy again. He has color back in his face, a little roundness to his cheeks, and his eyebrows have grown back. It’s amazing what … Read more

Pie and Pancakes in Seattle

I’m in Seattle at the Seattle Pie Company, a new pie shop in the Magnolia neighborhood run by a darling young blond woman with the world’s most welcoming smile. It’s a sweet little spot with a big display of crumble-topping pies filling the space – four giant shelves packed with fruity, homemade-looking, county fair-comfort food … Read more