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My Book Tour Begins!

My book (or my baby, depending on how you look at it) has arrived! It was born healthy, a robust 10 ounces (or whatever a 320-page hardcover book weighs) and so far everyone is telling me how much they love my new arrival. PHEW! So I’m going to stop focusing on the bitter and hold tightly to the sweet. I’m going to dry those tears, shake off the lingering grief, and get back in motion. I’m firing up the engine of “The Beast” today and hitting the road again — this time for my book tour for the next six weeks.

The Beast is not just an RV, it’s a character in my book. Marcus bought the RV, a 24-foot-camper I never wanted, and now it plays a big role in my life. It is going to be home while I travel from Iowa to Portland, Olympia, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin and Jefferson, Texas.

To celebrate my book and the cross-country tour for it, the RV got a little face lift, a beautification project.

Here is the RV before:

And here it is AFTER:

You have to admit, it looks pretty effing adorable! I can only imagine what Marcus would say. I used to tease him about commandeering his Wells Cargo motorcycle trailer (which he towed behind the RV) to use as a mobile pie shop. I also told him I would never, ever drive the RV. And now look. Uh, yeah.

In a way, the RV is a mobile pie shop as I am serving pie at every book event along the way.

Pie is a wonderful way to wow an audience. No matter what people think of the book, they always LOVE the pie — all of it homemade. I know because I’ve already had two book events and had to watch the audience dig into their slices of apple crumble, cherry, Shaker lemon, and strawberry-rhubarb while I had to stand up and talk. No pie for me!

My first book event at Barnes and Noble in West Des Moines, Iowa,
the first day my book was in stores. March 27, 2012.
Next I had a Book Launch Party at the American Gothic House Center
next door to my house in Eldon, Iowa. March 31, 2012

Look at that cute house in the background. I live there!!!!

Pie builds community. Always. In Eldon, even the mayor (Shirley Stacey)
helps serve slices — with Grant Wood looking over her shoulder.
Shirley’s peach pie (and recipe) features in my book.
Don’t feel sorry for me. I still get to eat pie in between book readings
and signings. On Saturday I got a slice of Arlene Kildow’s PHENOMENAL
Coconut Cream pie! The recipe for it is in my book.

To follow my book tour and find me out on the road, my schedule is here:

And a new adventure begins….