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RV Book Tour: Week One — Saint Glenn

The RV Book Tour for Making Piece is underway. The Beast, with its new decals that read “Pie Across the Nation” and “Honk if you love pie,” has logged 2,000 miles so far — which translates as about six tanks of gas. We have crossed six states — Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and, finally, Oregon.

The entire first day and a half looked like this.
Our first overnight was in a Wal-Mart parking lot.
Wall-Mart allows free RV parking. Too bad there are no electrical hook-ups.
One leftover piece of Arlene Kildow’s coconut cream pie made it on the trip.
But not for long. I ate it the first afternoon.

The only way I was able to sit in the front passenger seat was if I was
willing to have Team Terrier on my lap. So mostly I sat in the seat behind them.
Woke up to my worst nightmare when we stopped in Ogden, Utah for the night.
SNOWSTORM! Thank god it didn’t last more than an hour and the roads stayed clear.
No sooner did the snow end, the windstorm began. It was a relentless, harrowing wind
with gusts of 50 mph that rocked the RV all over the road. I even got a little seasick.
This is Glenn Thrush, or “Saint Glenn” as I call him. He’s an old friend/
coworker from Microsoft who offered to help me to the long drive from Iowa to  Portland.
He drove for 12 hours straight the day of snow & wind, and I rewarded him with PB&J sandwiches.
I think I got the better end of that stick. THANK YOU, GLENN!
We made it in the nick of time for my first book event at Pacific Pie Company.
The trip should have taken 5 days. We did it in just over three. Phew!

My body still feels like it’s in motion. Probably because I haven’t sat still since we arrived. More pics to come of our events at Pacific Pie Company and Bipartisan Cafe. But right now I have a packed schedule of interviews and another Portland book event tonight — at Broadway Books at 7.

Time to get this day started! And the RV Book Tour “Pie Across the Nation” adventure continues.