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Pie Sighting in Cairo!

My friend Uschi, who lives in Bern, Switzerland, just returned from a vacation in Egypt and surprised me with an email full of PIE PICTURES! Who knew Egyptians were pie fans? And what a chic looking pie shop. Of course, now I HAVE to go there!
I have just come home form a 2 week holiday in Egypt with my mother. We had a great time! On our last morning in Cairo, taking a walk through our old neighbourhood in Zamalek (on an island in the Nile river), I discovered a pie shop and of course thought immediately of you! Here are some pictures: the guy on one of the fotos was all excited when I told him about your blog… I wrote it down for him and told him to check it. We didn’t try any of the pies as we still had a full stomach from breakfast. But they sure looked delicious.
Love, Uschi

This is in Cairo, Egypt?! Look at those beautiful pies!

What a pie menu!

I wonder in what other unexpected places in the world one would find pie shops. Bangladesh? Bolivia? China? If you know, please tell me. I’m always looking for an excuse to travel — travel with a purpose, that is — even better if that purpose is pie. I can already envision the guide book I could write: Pie Shops of the World.