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TV Show Promo for “This American Pie”

Here it is! As promised, the sizzle reel for our pie TV series. We’re calling the show THIS AMERICAN PIE. In TV speak, a sizzle reel is considered a sales tool, a sort of movie trailer, used to get a meeting with cable network executives, just to, literally, get a foot in the office door. … Read more

Pie Sightings in the Blogosphere

Sometimes people send me links to pie stories in the media and pie-related postings on other people’s blogs. I keep a running log of all of these, and I plan to mention them in a blog post at some point…yes, I know, I’ve become quite the procrastinator lately. But today pie-contest book author Gina Hyams … Read more

Our New Pie Website is Live!

Creating our new website– www.theworldneedsmorepie.com –was almost as much fun as filming the TV pie-lot. We needed a home to promote all the pie-related projects we’ve been cooking up — pie parties, pie memoir, pie TV series, homemade pies for sale, and pie things we haven’t even thought of yet. For the pie blog you … Read more

Pie TV Shoot Stats

As promised, we added up the numbers for our pie TV shoot. Here’s the final tally.RV Road TripNumber of miles driven in the RV (RT Portland-Los Angeles, and including my Christmas trip to Arizona): 4,521Number of miles I drove RV prior to this trip: 0Number of parking or speeding tickets: 0 (yay!)Number of dings on … Read more

Are They Trying to Tell Me Something?

This is the box of t-shirts we had made for the TV shoot. We had imprinted on the shirts “The World Needs More Pie” but the box label stated something slightly different: Beth Howard Needs More Pie. If they were trying to tell me something, well, I couldn’t agree more!

TV Pilot: What’s Next?

What happens when you spend 12 days shooting footage of other people baking pie? If you’re Janice, you fly back to your home in New Jersey, bake five pies (having never previously baked a pie in your entire life), and invite your whole family over to test your new culinary skills. (Janice’s friend Marguerite pictured … Read more