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Mission Pie, PART II — Five Easy Pieces

And now for the best part of every pie interview…THE PIE! It’s the reward for taking our time to learn about every aspect of a pie baker’s business. But a business is often only as successful as the products it sells. So here we go, doing “Quality Control” at Mission Pie.Five easy pieces….starring, from left … Read more

Day 7: TV Pilot — Hello Hollywood

Today was a day of meeting old friends and making new ones. We started off in Malibu at the beach house of Kathy Eldon. Kathy and I met in Nairobi, Kenya 23 years ago where we discovered in the first five minutes of talking that we were both from Iowa. Our friendship has spanned the … Read more

Day 6: TV Pilot — FREE PIE FOR LA!

What a day. This may have been one of the best, most memorable days of my entire life. I believe it’s a day many people whose lives we touched on Saturday will also remember for a long time to come. Why? Because of PIE! Free pie! How often do you walk down a city sidewalk … Read more

Day 5: TV Pilot — 50 Pie Marathon

On Friday (sorry, I’m a day behind on blogging) I assembled a group of my closest friends, plus a few other helpers, in a borrowed big kitchen in Santa Monica. Our goal was to make 50 pies in one day to give them away — one slice at a time — the following day for … Read more

Pie Tally So Far

Janice, the producer/cameraperson on the shoot, was complaining this morning that she is gaining weight on this trip. First, I told her, “You really haven’t had that much pie. You only had one bite of coconut cream and you didn’t eat any apple yesteday.” And then I said with a teasing grin, “Don’t blame pie.” … Read more

Day 4: TV Pilot — Oak Glen, California

We debated whether or not we should cancel our scheduled visit to Oak Glen (elevation 2,800) as it had snowed the previous day. We didn’t want to get stuck with the RV — and even though I bought chains before leaving Portland, my goal was to never get myself into a situation where I would … Read more