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When Life Gives You Mud, Make Mud Pie!

It’s official. June 2010 now lays claim to the wettest June in Portland, Oregon’s history. And the month is only half over. I’m sick of the rain. Sick of the mud. And, in fact, I’m sick — with bronchitis. It’s no wonder! This time last year I was living in Terlingua, Texas where (sun-drenched) daytime … Read more

The Real Reason I Love Rhubarb

I’ve been raving about how rhubarb is my new favorite pie. But I don’t think it’s the bittersweet vegetable I love so much. It’s the love. Period. It’s the fact that my friends and neighbors have it growing wild in their gardens. They call me with such enthusiasm upon its arrival, excited about the red … Read more

Heidi’s First Pie

Friends of Marcus and mine, Lyndsay (Canadian) and Andreas (German), had a baby two weeks ago. I went to the hospital the day before Easter and met Heidi when she was less than 24 hours old. Marcus died 8 months ago, which means Lyndsay was pregant when she came to the funeral. I swallowed the … Read more

Another Dish Returned

At last! I returned from Mexico and got a lasting taste of tropical sun with the delivery of my ceramic bowl — filled with luscious lemons. The fruit was hand-picked in Palm Springs, California and smuggled across the Oregon border by my neighbor. Though, come to think of it, bringing fruit out of California is … Read more

A Day at the Beach: A Very Short Story

Once upon a rare, sunny Oregon day, a girl called Pie packed up her Mini Cooper and drove to the coast. Forget that the rhubarb Sylvia picked from her garden was still sitting in her refrigerator longing to be baked into a pie. The sky was blue! The beach beckoned! So off she went — … Read more

Rhubarb and Rosemary

I took a late afternoon walk with my dogs today, unsure of which direction we would go, and after some persistent tugging by Jack on his leash, ended up at the house of my neighbor Sylvia. She welcomed us into her huge garden and we sat in the sun while Team Terrier dug up her … Read more