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World Piece Recap — 2/3 of the way through

I’m two-thirds of the way through my 3-month World Piece journey and I finally have a moment to update my blog. I had every intention of posting here regularly but the trip got away from me and there was never enough time, energy or Internet connections. I have, however, managed to post on my Facebook … Read more

Obama Loves Pie!

Here’s how amazing it is to be globally connected with cell phones, Internet and other multi-media miracles. I was sitting in my friend Eve’s house in a tiny village in Switzerland, staring out at the cows grazing in the foothills of the Alps (view pictured right), when Eve’s sister Uschi called from The Maldives. She … Read more

Cause and Effect: A Pie is Born in Switzerland

I love it when this happens! Eve, my friend in Switzerland, read my blog from the other day about our Skype conversation and the subsequent posting of pictures from our Alps ski week in 2005. In response, I was greeted with an email in my inbox this afternoon which included this picture of Eve holding … Read more