The World Needs More Pie

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All it Takes is a Few Words, a Few Bites, and a Willingness to Try

As you can see, I am really focused on promoting peace, love and understanding these days. It’s a reaction to all the political maneuvering going on, a lot of policies being changed that are resulting in putting lives at risk, all because some people (too many) live in fear of what they don’t know, what […]

“There is ALWAYS Hope, Bea.”

There is ALWAYS hope, Bea.  He wrote this—with the word always in all caps—above a newspaper article he had circled in black ink. He left the paper on the kitchen table knowing I would be down for my morning coffee well after he had left the house to feed hay to his cows, check on […]

The Search for Pie – San Pancho to Sayulita

It was like a treasure hunt. Upon arrival in San Pancho, Mayte the hotel owner gave me a map. I had just walked through the tiny village and laughed smugly to myself, “This is the last place on earth I could open a pie shop.” To my amazement, there on the map was an ad […]

Pie Spotting in San Pancho

It looked like pie. And it sure got my adrenaline pumping to think…could it be….really…here in this tiny little Mexican town….? Alas, it was a crepe stand and the crepe maker cut the crepes in half for some customer to share. I still like to think of it as pie. And yes, I had a […]

M is for…

(Photo: I is for Infinity Pool.) I realized when I looked back on my day yesterday that it was full of Ms. My day began as it does no matter where I am, writing in my journal, writing about Marcus, writing to Marcus. In this case I was in Mexico drinking Madomi coffee. This was […]

Enough Pie, Pass Me the Salt

My friend Matt once said to me, “Beth, you’re happiest when you’re baking pies.” If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know I have been baking a lot of pie lately and it’s not eradicating my grief. How much more fucking pie can I make before I stop feeling suicidal over […]

Tragedy Befalls the Pecan Tree

BEFOREThe harvest season is nearing. The pecans were ripening right on schedule (see “Pecans in Progress“) and I was still holding onto my fantasy of being able to pad down the hallway in my bare feet to pluck the nuts off the tree inside our house for my homemade pecan pie (I mean, how much […]

Homemade Tortillas–and VERY Hot Chillis–at Ines’ House

Ines, my Mexican artist friend, invited me over to her house to make (or, rather, watch her doña make) homemade flour tortillas this morning. But what she really wanted is for me to bring my espresso machine and make her one of my famous BIG cafe lattes.I drove over there with my little Krups machine, […]

Real de Catorce: We Came for the Pie, Not the Peyote

This weekend we drove to the town of Real de Catorce–elevation 9,000 ft, population 1,200. It’s a silver mining town-turned ghost town-turned movie set for Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts in “The Mexican“-turned up and coming trendy spot for European expats in Mexico. To get there you drive very slowly along a 17-mile-long cobblestone road, […]

Another Pie for the Neighbors

Yesterday I went over to my neighbor’s house to ask if she could recommend a new maid. Ours quit because our floors are too much work to clean. I would have quit too. When I mopped these Saltillo tile floors two weeks ago–3,000 square feet of big clay squares lined by rugged grout–I was so […]