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I Miss Being a Writer

When I moved into the American Gothic House I thought it would be a good place to write. And it was. I wrote “Making Piece: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Pie” my first winter here. Winter being the operative word. Winters in Eldon, Iowa are supremely quiet, void of tourists and ideal for holing … Read more

CBS THIS MORNING did a story on me!

I have so much more to say about this experience, about having a TV crew in my house for three days while trying to make 100 pies, about the TV correspondent Michelle Miller pitching in and peeling 43 pounds of apples, about producer Chris Weicher sitting in my living room with her camera rolling and … Read more

Life After the RV Book Tour

A lot has happened since my last post, nearly a month ago. Last you heard from me I was driving in The Beast from Southern California to Texas (after surviving not one but two trips to the emergency room). After that 3-day drive from LA (with the help of “Saint Paul” Szendrey), I arrived in Austin, … Read more

Readers Digest Names TWNMP as “Websites We Love”

Readers Digest features my website/blog in its September iPad version. To subscribe to Readers Digest iPad app, click here. Thanks for the nice plug, RD! I especially like how they called my blog “charming” when they could have as easily called it “brutally honest,” “irreverent,” or — ahem — “opinionated.” Now if only I can … Read more

You can Also Find Me on Facebook

Just a reminder — especially to those of you who are waiting impatiently for me to update my blog (sorry, it’s been hard to write when I am baking every day for the Pitchfork Pie Stand) — I have a “business” page on Facebook, The World Needs More Pie. If you check in over there … Read more

Do You Miss Me? I Miss You

Do you miss me? I miss you. Writing this book is hard work and taking up all my time. I miss writing the shorter, instant-gratification, essay-length blog posts. I miss writing about my adventures in rural Iowa, about how when the snow melted and I was so excited about the spring thaw, my Mini got stuck … Read more

Baking a Book in the American Gothic House

My apologies for my infrequent posts as of late. I’ve been busy. Not because I was traveling to Chicago to hand out free slices of pie on National Pie Day. No, I rarely travel these days. I can almost always be found at home, in the American Gothic House, in my pajamas, 24/7, not driving … Read more

Pie and Wine: Paired or Not, It’s All Good

I am drinking a glass of white wine. It’s a varietal called Albariño from Spain. The reason I am drinking this wine is because I don’t have Champagne on hand to celebrate some Very Good News I just received and, as it happened, UPS just delivered this bottle of white wine to my door only … Read more

Pie As a Peace Offering

Making pie always makes me feel better. Which is why I’m making a pie tonight. Apple. I’m making the pie because my neighbor yelled at me, more like shrieked actually, because my two little terriers had walked on her lawn. She came rushing out at me through her front door in a wild panic. “Get … Read more

Peach Pie in Park City

A weekend spent at the house of friends inevitably means there will be pie. This time it’s Park City, Utah, with my very good friends John and Laura, and their two kids. Johnnie turns six next month and Athena is nine months old today. Johnnie wanted to make pie, so we did. I would write … Read more